Our Staff

Salome Munoz Moreno

Executive Director

Sal traveled extensively in Latin America and Europe and has now done a full circle back to Crescent City. He has always worked in non-profits and fundraising. He was trained in fundraising at the University of Indiana, Kellogg Foundation Fellows, British Council, US Aid, Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature, among others. Over the course of his career, Sal has raised millions in Mexico and United States for nonprofits! He was first hired as Redwood Parks Conservancy’s Development Director in 2022 and became the Executive Director January 1, 2024. He is working hard make our organization grow and have greater capacity to protect and preserve the Redwoods for this and future generations.

Salome Munoz Moreno, Executive Director
Salome Munoz Moreno, Executive Director

Ryan Gilmer

South District Retail Manager

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest and the Central Coast, Ryan developed a deep connection to the outdoors early on in her youth in the dense evergreen forests of the cascades and the oak woodlands and scenic seaside cliffs of the Monterey Bay. Her background includes administration in a fine arts studio, retail management in the cosmetics industry, and working in startups focused on health and wellness. 

Ryan’s career has revolved around building successful and efficient teams and systems, and sharing her passion for community, great guest experiences and environments that foster growth and development. A life of travel has fostered a deep inclination for supporting the conservation and preservation of the beauty of the natural world and the people within it. In her free time Ryan enjoys writing, hiking, photography, birdwatching and cooking international cuisines. She has lived in Arcata for four years with her partner, Brian and their cat, Jiji. 

To reach Ryan, email her at: ryan@redwoodparks.org

Autumn Subers

Volunteer & Transportation Manager

Autumn fell in love with redwoods the first time she walked among them on her honeymoon trip to the Pacific Northwest In 2014. It became a yearly vacation trip that continued to foster her love for all things redwood forest related. In 2021, Autumn took the leap from her work with child education to join the staff with Redwoods Parks Conservancy.  She brings her excitement, joy, and passion for the parks to our visitors every day. Autumn loves to utilize her previous experience as an educator to enthusiastically teach our guests and Jr. Rangers all about our parks. She has traveled and lived in a variety of environments from Tucson, with the tallest cacti (Saguaros) to the California coast and the world’s tallest trees (Redwoods), as well as several other places in between. Autumn loves to share experiences and stories with our visitors from all over the world, and will tell you she has found her forever home here within Redwood National and State Parks.

To reach Autumn, email her at: autumn@redwoodparks.org

Salome Munoz Moreno, Executive Director
Salome Munoz Moreno, Executive Director

Melinda Thomas

Director of Retail Operations

Born and raised in California’s Central Valley, Melinda’s lifelong love of nature first began with regular trips to Yosemite National Park in her youth. Awestruck by the park’s natural beauty and the majesty of the Giant Sequoias, she would return year after year to explore and walk among the ancient trees. With 20+ years of experience in retail operations, Melinda went on to join the Yosemite Conservancy team overseeing the sales and merchandising of Yosemite Valley’s highest volume stores. Working with YC, she gained insight on how important the supporting non-profits are in the preservation of public lands.

Several years ago, Melinda hit the road with her husband in their RV to see our nation’s natural wonders. During their travels, they visited Redwood National & State Parks several times and fell in love with the area. On their last visit they put down roots and made the redwoods their home. Soon after relocating, Melinda joined the Redwood Parks Conservancy family. In her work with the Conservancy, she is proud to bring her passion and experience to a mission that is dear to her heart: supporting and preserving the magnificent coastal redwoods for generations to come. 

In her free time Melinda enjoys spending time with husband and daughter around the campfire, hiking and exploring the northern coast.

Taralyn Thomas

Communications Manager

Taralyn comes to Redwood Parks Conservancy with over a decade of experience in public relations, marketing and design. With a background in fine art, she brings a keen eye and holistic approach to RPC’s communications. Taralyn’s connection to nature began in early childhood through her rural upbringing on a ranch in Northern California and through regular visits to Yosemite National Park.

She first visited Humboldt & Del Norte County in 2018 and fell in love with the lush, varied landscapes the area has to offer. After living in Los Angeles for many years, she decided to make this beautiful region her home so she could be closer to family and enjoy the peace one finds amongst the trees. She spends her free time singing, writing songs and hiking.

Salome Munoz Moreno, Executive Director
Salome Munoz Moreno, Executive Director

Kristen Zumeta

Development Director

Kristen has always been an outdoors enthusiast. Reveling in the mystery and excitement of challenges like thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, The Appalachian Trail, The Colorado Trail, and many others.  She also draws from her background at companies like Patagonia in helping to operate RPC.  

In her home state of Virginia, Kristen studied Biology and Chemistry with a focus on Plant Sciences. She graduated from Old Dominion University in 2006 and quickly began a life of travel and long distance hiking. When she finally made her way to California in 2012, Kristen was hooked. She met her husband on the Pacific Crest Trail that year and in 2013 they decided that the Redwoods would be a perfect home base for all of their outdoor adventures.