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Redwood Corps

The Redwood Corps is an AmeriCorps program in Redwood National and State Parks. Members of this corps serve full time, revitalizing trails and protecting the redwoods from harmful invasive species. Through this paid opportunity, crew members will gain valuable work experience and skills to pursue a career in forestry, state or national parks, firefighting, conservation, and many more. The Redwood Corps can help you gain the experience and skills you need to prepare for your tomorrow. Build your future by finishing your diploma, earning scholarships, and finding the career path that’s right for you!

Lay the groundwork for your future in the Redwood Corps.


How long is the service term and when does it start?

The service term is full time, 1700 hours, for 12 months. The term will begin September 3, 2024 and continue through August 2025.

How much will I be paid?

Members will be paid a living allowance with a monthly stipend of $2,125.

Do I need to have experience in trail work?

No! You will receive initial training at the beginning of the service term and ongoing training throughout the service year. You will need to be physically able to perform the work, which includes lifting up to 50 pounds and walking up to 10 miles a day. Keep in mind that if you are not yet able to fulfill these requirements, your body will become conditioned as you perform the work.

Am I eligible?

You must be able to pass a background check and a drug test to be eligible to serve in the Redwood Corps. You must also be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or legal permanent resident.

What kind of skills will I gain?

During the service term you will gain skills in trail maintenance such as brushing, logging out, structure construction and maintenance, tread maintenance, and much more. You will also gain skills that will help you prepare for your career after your term in the Redwood Corps. These skills will include writing a resume, searching for open positions, navigating government job sites, interviewing, basic computer skills, and others.

Will I earn any certifications?

Yes! You will be trained and certified in chainsaw use and safety.

What benefits will I receive?

Benefits include enrollment in health insurance, child care assistance for those who qualify, and an education award for college or trade school.

Will I need to provide my own uniform or equipment?

No. Uniforms and equipment will be provided for you.

Will I need my own transportation?

No. Transportation to and from the work site will be provided each day. You will be responsible for getting to and from the meeting location each day.

How will I make a difference in the redwoods?

Your service in the redwoods will not only keep trails safe and open for visitors, but also protect the world’s tallest trees from invasive species and damage from environmental and human impact. You can make a difference and ensure the redwood trees will still be standing to inspire future generations!

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