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For PERMIT questions, please contact Redwood National and State Parks:

Email or call the general park information line at (707) 464-6101*

*please be advised that this phone number is not always staffed and your best place for information regarding your permit will be either the email confirmation or website.

The lush greenery of Fern Canyon, featuring walls of ferns and a small creek, located in Redwood National and State Parks.

Fern Canyon

Day-Use Permits

Gold Bluffs Beach Day-Use Reservations

Explore a stunning two-story canyon covered in ferns!

Get ready for an adventure! Be prepared to drive 8 miles on a narrow, windy dirt road and cross streams (both in your car and on foot).

$12 Day-Use Fee required.

Free reservations are required May 15th to September 15th. Reservations not required while camping at Gold Bluffs Beach or Elk Prairie Campground.

Evening light casting a warm glow on the treetops at the Tall Trees Trailhead, renowned for some of the tallest trees in the world.

Tall Trees

Day-Use Permits

Tall Trees Trailhead Day-Use Reservations

Hike through a famous redwood grove!

This 4.5-mile trail is a moderately strenuous hike that takes you down to the Tall Trees Grove.

Be prepared for a 4-hour round-trip journey including a 1-hour one-way drive and 2-hour hike.

Free reservations are required year-round.

A lush expanse of ferns creates a vibrant green tapestry, thriving under the sheltering canopy of towering redwoods, embodying the serene and verdant beauty of the forest floor.

Front Country Camping

Overnight Reservations

Camping in Developed Campgrounds

Developed campgrounds within the parks include Jedediah Smith, Mill Creek, Elk Prairie, and Gold Bluffs Beach.

Reservations are strongly recommended and are available at

Campsites and cabins are available for standard fees.

View from inside a tent of a serene backcountry camping scene, with the dense forest of Redwood National and State Parks enveloping the site in tranquility.

Backcountry Camping

Overnight Permits

Camping in the Backcountry

Ready for a remote adventure? Seven backcountry camps allow you to explore over 200 miles of scenic trails.

Remember that backcountry camping requires you to be self-sufficient and hike into your camp!

Free permits are required year-round.

A group of excited participants with paddles on a gravel river bank, ready for a Ranger-led kayak tour, geared up in life vests and helmets.

Ranger-led Kayak Tours


For a limited time in summer, Redwood National and State Parks presents ranger-led kayak tours of the Smith River—a crown jewel of the National Wild & Scenic River System and the largest free-flowing river system in California. Led by experienced park rangers, visitors will explore a variety of topics, including the unique geology of the Smith River watershed and how it contributes to the growth of the world’s largest trees, all while paddling pristine waters and enjoying unparalleled scenery.

The registration fee is $15/participant.