Gifts of Stock

Redwood Parks Conservancy (RPC) accepts gifts in many forms to benefit Redwood National and State Parks and all our public land partners.

Gift of Securities can provide a way for you to make a meaningful difference to your redwood parks, maximize assets and may provide tax savings.

Before making a gift of stock please contact RPC at (707) 464-9150 and provide 1) the name of the donor, 2) an address and telephone number, 3) the name of stock or mutual fund and number of shares, 4) when the transfer will happen and 5) any restrictions on the use of the gift, if any. All stock transferred must be Publicly Traded Stock Securities.

The average value of the stock on the day the stock is received by RPC becomes your gift to RPC. All stocks may be sold when received by RPC.

Please provide the information below to your broker or financial representative who will be assisting you in making your gift to RPC.

All DTC–eligible securities Deliver to:

Morgan Stanley DTC #0015

Redwood Parks Conservancy

Account #169-037597

Any questions regarding a transfer of stock may be directed to:

Jason Barr

Morgan Stanley

2421 Buhne St., Eureka, CA 95501


All physical deliveries to:

Depository Trust Company: DTC #0015

Morgan Stanley FBO Redwood Parks Conservancy


1 New York Plaza, 39th Floor, New York, NY 10004

Send all Checks to:

Morgan Stanley fbo Redwood Parks Conservancy

2421 Buhne Street Eureka, CA 95501


If you have any questions regarding the process of transferring your stock or follow-up questions once you have initiated your transfer, please contact Jason Barr at Morgan Stanley 707-441-3425 or RPC’s Development Director: