Explore the Enchanting Wilderness of Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park

Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park is one of three state parks located within the Redwood National and State Parks system and just one of the many hidden gems this area has to offer in far northern California.

Within its boundaries, you’ll find scenic picnic areas along the Pacific Ocean, hikes through old-growth redwoods, and a campground to use as a home base while enjoying the area.

Wilson Creek, located along Hwy 101, is a relaxing stop to stretch your legs or enjoy a picnic with splendid views of sea stacks along the rugged coastline. Note! Dangerous sneaker waves are common along the parks’ coastline all year long. For your own safety, never turn your back on the ocean and stay away from areas with active breaking waves.

Farther north on Hwy 101, near mile marker 16, Damnation Creek Trail is a challenging hike through ancient redwoods, leading into Sitka spruce transition zones and ending at the Pacific Ocean. The Damnation Creek trailhead also gives visitors access to the Coastal Trail.

Mill Creek Campground is located along Hwy 101 and is the largest campground within Redwood National and State Parks. After traveling down the curvy 2.5 mile long entrance road, you’ll enjoy a peaceful evening of camping in a second growth redwood forest.

Thank you to the Save the Redwoods League for the wonderful video.