Your Business Can Help Our Redwood Parks

Our redwood parks provides major benefits to our local communities. Ancient redwoods bring in waves of tourism every year, and access to pristine forests keep our communities healthy. Unfortunately, many important projects and programs in our parks remain unfunded. As the official fundraising partner of Redwood National and State Parks, our non-profit is stepping in to ask our community for help.

Here are some ways you can help that will have minimal to no costs to you and your business. You will be publicly recognized for your efforts to support our parks.

  1. Offer a discount to people who donate to redwood parks

Help us increase donations by offering a discount to our donors.

  1. When possible, give your patrons the option to add an additional dollar to their bill to support our parks

Provide opportunities for your customers to add a donation to their bill. This can be done at the register or on the check-out page of your online store.

  1. Donate a portion of the sales from an item to our non-profit

Add a small premium to a special product (or create a new redwood-themed product!) and advertise that a portion of each sale is donated to redwood parks.

Your support will have a significant impact over time. In return, we will encourage our donors and followers to “support businesses that support our parks” via our Facebook page, website, and email.

If you are interested in helping our parks, or if you have any questions at all, please contact our Development Director: [email protected]

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