Sumeg Village

Sumeg Village at Patrick's Point State Park is a replica of a Yurok village site as would have been seen along the rivers and streams of coastal Northern California, between the Klamath River and Little River.  This site is used on a regular basis by Yurok people as a cultural location for helping to teach the younger generation the culture of their ancestors.  It is open to the public and guided tours are given on a regular basis in the summer months. You may access the village via a short 1/4 mile stroll through the woods starting at the visitor center.

The village has three traditional houses, a sweat lodge and a traditional dance pit.  You may enter the houses through the round doors.  Yurok women would (and still do) enter the house feet first.  The round doors were designed for defense against intruders, mainly Grizzly bears.

The dance pit is considered sacred ground by Yurok and it is asked that no one enter the pit out of respect for this sacred condition.  It is still used by the Yurok for cultural purposes.

The village was built by Yurok people using traditional construction methods.  The houses are made from split redwood logs.

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