James Irvine/Fern Canyon Loop

A spectacular 12 mile loop of the James Irvine Trail, Fern Canyon Loop, Beach Rd & the Miner Ridge Trail is a worthy all day hiking adventure.  Remarkably, you are routed through the old growth forest into a lush watery canyon with fern covered walls, along a short road to the breathtaking, oxygenating ocean at Gold Bluff Beach & return through ancient forest on an entirely different path.  If you are prepared to carry all you need on the trail, & would like to stay at the Gold Bluffs Beach campground along the way, come into one of the Redwood National and State Park visitor centers & get a back country permit.  If you prefer a shorter excursion, the Miner Ridge, Clintonia, James Irvine loop is just 6.8 miles.  The trailhead for these hikes is right at the end of the parking lot just outside the visitor center. 

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